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What is Calvary Publishing?

Calvary Publishing (CP) is a non-profit ministry of Parker Memorial Baptist Church, Pastor Dr. Jim Green. CP prints and publishes books, booklets, tracts, prayer cards, fliers, etc. to promote and encourage Baptists to write and publish books and other related material. CP prints at cost because it is a ministry and not a business.

CP strives to provide the most cost effective printing solutions for all of its customers. In order to do this:

  • Some projects are printed and assembled in-house
  • Some projects printing is out-sourced, while the finishing (trimming, folding, etc.) is done in-house
  • Some projects are completely out-sourced and shipped directly to you

To continue to provide these top-quality and inexpensive services, Calvary Publishing asks you to please consider a love offering in addition to the cost of your project.

CP is operated by Bearing Precious Seed missionary and printer, Mark Chartier. Bro. Chartier is supported solely by love offerings on printed projects and monthly missionary support.

CP’s Printing Disclaimer

You, as the customer, are fully responsible for final approval of your printing project.

By replying via e-mail with your approval to proceed in printing, you have verified that all spelling, grammar, graphics and layout are correct. Understand that your document will print EXACTLY as it appears in the attached proof and that you cannot make any changes once your order is placed.

Calvary Publishing is NOT LIABLE for errors in a final product once it has been approved.

If for any reason your project is not displayed correctly in this e-mail, it is your sole responsibility to contact Calvary Publishing before approving your project for printing.

What are the goals of Calvary Publishing?

  1. To be a blessing to Independent Fundamental Bible Believing Baptist peop le.
  2. To encourage Baptists to write.
  3. To bring honour and glory to God in all that we publish.
  4. To resurrect the writings of our ancient Baptist History.
  5. To prove and stand on the Baptist succession from the time of Christ.
  6. To firmly stand on the inspiration and preservation of the Word of God and Baptist Doctrine.
  7. To continue to promote Baptist History and Baptist Doctrine.

Missionary Printer

Hello, my name is Mark Chartier. I came to the realization of my sin as a young boy, and remember the day that my mother sat down with me and showed me from the Bible how I could have my sins forgiven and not go to hell. In simple faith and the fear of the Lord, I fled from the wrath of God, and trusted in God’s Son to forgive me of my sins through His death, burial and resurrection.

At the age of 20, after getting back into church, I met Nickole. She started coming to Church with me, and one Wednesday night, after raising her hand that she was not sure she would go to Heaven, she was lead to the Lord by the pastor’s wife. That was in September of 2000. Soon after her salvation we felt it to be the will of God for us to be joined together in marriage. On July 14, 2001 we were joined in marriage at the Bible Baptist Church of Owosso, MI. Soon after our marriage, we had a desire to draw closer to God and went to Parker Memorial Baptist Church to attend the Lansing Baptist Bible Institute. On June 14th, 2004, God called me to full time service. Over the next few months of seeking God’s will, He led me to work with the Bearing Precious Seed and Local Church Bible Publishers ministries.

I quit my full time job and began working for the Lord. About a year into my service, Calvary Publishing was started, and the Lord has led me to be involved in this ministry along with the others. God has given me the ability to operate many different aspects of the ministry at Parker. I am not necessarily out in the limelight, but I am thankful for whatever the Lord has for me to do.

We appreciate everyone allowing us to print for them through Calvary Publishing. As you may know, I do not make any money off of the printing that I do. I completely rely on love offerings, and monthly support from God’s people. All that I ask from everyone is that you honestly pray and ask God what He would have you to do and give, and I will trust that it is the will of God for my life that you do what He tells you to do.

While visiting to fill the pulpit at Wolverine Baptist Church on December 20th, 2015, the Lord placed a burden on my heart to go and help this Church. After much prayer, seeking God’s will and council with my pastors we came and candidated at WBC. On February 21, 2016 I preached and the WBC voted us to become their pastor. The Lord allowed us to pastor there for almost four years. After much prayer, we knew the Lord was calling us back into full time Bible publishing work. We worked with the Church to bring in a new pastor and his family to take over where we left off.

At the start of 2020, we began deputation and look forward to helping, encouraging and exhorting churches in the area of world-wide missions.

We currently work as Missionaries with the Bearing Precious Seed, Local Church Bible Publishers and Calvary Publishing ministries.

After 17 years of marriage, in 2018, God has blessed us with a beautiful baby girl named Hannah Rose Chartier. We truly are thankful to God for all His blessings!

Support can be sent to:

Parker Memorial Baptist Church • c/o Mark Chartier
1902 East Cavanaugh Road • Lansing, Michigan 48910

Monthly supporters:

Bayview Baptist Church | Homestead, FL
Bible Baptist Church | Charlevoix, MI
Bible Way Missionary Baptist Church | Hamilton, OH
Fellowship Baptist Church | Goldsboro, NC
First Baptist Church | Boyne City, MI
Green Meadow Bible Baptist Church | Kalamazoo, MI
Immanuel Baptist Church | Syracuse, NY
Maple Grove Baptist Church | Jackson, MI
Ministry Graphics-Santi Lopez | Jackson, MI
New Testament Independent Baptist Church | Concord, NC
Parker Memorial Baptist Church | Lansing, MI
Southside Independent Baptist Church | Swainsboro, GA
Tower Baptist Church | Tower MI
Westview Baptist Church | Warren, MI
Whitewater Independent Baptist Church | Whitewater, MT
Zion Unity Missionary Baptist Church | Indianapolis, IN

Thank you very much!