Once we receive the project, we will format it to fit our templates which includes industry-standard book formatting and layout, professional, and full-color cover design. This is required for all books/booklets printed by Calvary Publishing to ensure we maintain our standard of professionalism.

After this is done, we will send you an e-mail of the exact cost of everything. This is so you have something on paper that details your costs. The cover information will be sent to our design department, and they will begin working on your cover concept.

After we have a rough concept of your book and cover, we will e-mail them to you (recommended) or post them online for you to view. You will be able to make suggestions to the book or cover in this stage. If there are any areas that need to be fixed, they will be fixed and e-mailed back to you. Once everything is approved by you, at your request, we will print out a hard copy of your book and cover, and mail it to you for you to have the final review before we print.

Once the book and cover are approved, we will print and ship your product according to our work load. Most projects, after approval, are printed and shipped within 2 to 4 days.