2024 King James Bible Calendar Page


How it works…

1. Decide how many calendars you need

Consider church size and projected distribution. Don’t worry, you’ll send back what you don’t sell, and you can always order more!

2. You can choose to PAY NOW for your order by going here

We had a lot of people who wanted to pay upfront last year, so we are offering that option again this year for those who wish to do so.

To PAY NOW visit this page. (Click here)

3. OR you can still pre-order as in years past using the form below

Remember, no money is due up front with this option! You will be mailed an invoice with your 2024 Calendars.

4. Receive your King James Bible Calendars

All new orders will be shipped in a week or less. Offer the calendars for a donation of $10 or more. Or you can give them as gifts!

5. Send final payment and unused calendars back

Once your distribution is complete, simply send back any unused calendars along with payment for the calendars used.

(Note: Final payment is due on or before February 2024.)

6. Enjoy your calendars all year

Have the joy of knowing you helped to support a King James only, Baptist missionary family and helped to raise funds for an important ministry of your local church.

Actual 2024 King James Bible Calendar

NOTE: This year we are offering 3 ways to order.

  1. PAY up front for ANY qty of calendars for $10 each at our Amazon.com page. Best way if you ONLY want a couple calendars.
  2. Pay up front for 10 or more calendars for $5 each. ($20 FLAT RATE shipping)
  3. Pre-Order and pay later for ANY qty OVER 20 for $5 each. ($20 FLAT RATE shipping)

3. 2024 Option to Pre-Order your Calendars.

  • If you desire to pay later. Use this form below.
  • A minimum quantity of 20 calendars is required to pre-order.
  • If you want to order an amount under 20 (non-refundable, non-returnable), or just wish to pay up-front for your order, you may use Option 1 above and pay now for your order.
  • If you use the form below, you will be billed when your calendars ship.
  • Your unused calendars and payment needs to be sent to us on or before February of 2024.
  • (This form is for shipping to USA only [Lower 48]. AK and Other countries please contact me for an at cost shipping charge.)

    Please select qty: (Minimum Quantity of 20 Required) If you want to order an amount under 20, you may use option 1 above and pay now for your order.
    Please Enter any amount over 19 you would like. ($20 flat Rate Shipping)

    I agree to the terms listed below:*
    1. I understand I am to pay $5 for each calendar I do not return plus a $20 flat rate shipping cost.
    2. I understand that can return any unused calendars back if I so choose.
    3. I understand that I must make payment for my calendars on or before Feb. 1st 2024. (Your invoice will be in your box of calendars)

    Please prove you are human by selecting the flag.